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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Books to Read in 2013

I've loved to read for as long as I can remember.  I definitely owe this to my parents, who instilled the love in me when I was young.  I always remember that they fed my appetite for reading too...we were at the library often, and in a bookstore even if I couldn't afford to buy a book, I would grab one and sit down and read as much of it as I could while we were there.  Books were popular gifts in my home growing up, and my siblings and I loved to spend our own money on books also.

Reading has been a fun shared interest for my hubby and I also, as he loves books just as much or more than me!  ;-)  He truly inspires me with his desire to learn and grow constantly.  So, now as a wife and mama, I continue to love to read, though my interests have shifted some over the years.  I used to read more fiction, biographies, and such, but now I lean a lot more towards non-fiction.  I love books that make me think and grow and learn new things.

So...this is my goal book list for 2013 (and maybe beyond if I don't finish them all this year).

1}  Don't Waste Your Life

2}  One Thousand Gifts (currently reading this one)

3}  The Duties of Parents

4}  A Gospel Primer

5}  Multiply: Disciples Making Disciples

6}  This Momentary Marriage

7}  Shopping for Time

8}  Worldliness

9}  Equipped to Love

10}  Now You're Speaking My Language

11}  Family Practice

12}  Christian Living in the Home

13}  Real Marriage

14}  Trusting God (reading through this for our Small Group study)

15} Organized Simplicity

I'd love to read more parenting books this year also, if I can get my hands on some through Paperback Swap.  If I do, I may alter this list to include them.  What are your favorites on parenting?

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Randall and Rachel Beita said...

Looks like a good list!!! I might have to borrow some!!

I have a parenting book I will lone you!

Emily said...

I love to read, too, so I enjoy seeing your list! And welcome back by the way! You posts popped up in my blog reader. I read Grace Based Parenting last summer with some friends from church and I really liked it. I also like Love & Logic books.

Holly T. said...

I am SOOO glad to see you back blogging! Hope you have a great year and I'm looking forward to more posts! (I have continued to visit your blog almost weekly for your granola and cheddar potato soup recipes!!) :-)

These look like great books - thanks for the recommendations. On parenting, I'm currently reading "My Heart's At Home" by Jill Savage. She has quite a few books out there but this is the first one I've picked up and I really like it. I'd be happy to swap w/ you if it's one you are interested in!

Sarah said...

Thank you ladies!

Holly, thank you for sticking around! I'm so glad that you have been enjoying some of the recipes here. :-) I've heard of Jill Savage before, but never read anything by her. Thank you for the recommendation!

Lu said...

What a great list! Adding some of these to my list!