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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

18 Weeks

Happy September!!

I'm 18 weeks pregnant today!

I decided to try to take a picture, just now, to document the moment.

I know it is terrible lighting, terrible quality, and I didn't clean up the mess

in the background, but it serves its' purpose, right?

I loved hearing our baby's heartbeat today.

And I'm loving feeling our baby move.

No matter how many children you have, each one is a new and fascinating miracle!

 I don't think I was exactly standing straight in this one, oops!

I feel like this pregnancy is way different than my other two...

Feels like I'm carrying this baby so low.

Can you tell in the pictures?

I guess that's why I outgrew my regular pants so fast this time around.  

Yep, that just occurred to me today, actually.  

Well not to mention the fact that I've already had 3 kids.  :-)


Amy said...

I loved sitting with Charlie late at night with our doppler and listening to our babies! A beautiful sound! And I miss so much feeling them inside of me. I even miss Charlie being able to put his hands on my belly and feel them move. His face was priceless each time they would wiggle and kick :-)

I didn't start showing that well until I was well over 20 weeks! But I am a little bit "thicker" than you LOL! I can't wait to see what this baby is! Very excited! You are right, no matter if it is your first, fifth or twentieth pregnancy they are all amazing! I can't wait to experience another!

Praying for you daily! Hope all is well!

Rebekah said...

i am on 3rd baby and i feel huge compared to my other pregnancies- i guess your body just goes there again, but quicker! congratulations by the way :)

Kimberly said...

Sarah, your belly looks so cute. Praising God for your tiny miracle growing inside of you. :)

Sarah said...

Amy, thank you for your prayers! They are so appreciated!

Rebekah, congratulations to you too!! :-)

Thank you Kimberly!

Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

You look so great! What a sweet, little blessing!

Sarah said...

Thank you Kate! We are indeed blessed! :-)