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Thursday, December 1, 2011

The 200 Challenge - December 2011

So, we used cash for the month of November, and it was really good.  It helped out a lot with keeping track of where we were at with the spending and with having a visual of how much was left.  I also managed to stay out of Walmart for almost the entire month, and it looks like my guess of what we would need for the month was pretty close.  :-)

I was thinking a bit today about how much our eating has changed with being back on this $200 budget.  We are learning to be content with less and to be content without many of the things that we want {but don't need}, which is good.  For example, we used to eat a lot of bread, muffins, etc. and now we eat so much less of that.  We don't make as many sweet treats, because we have cut way back on how much honey we buy.  We also eat A LOT of rice and beans.  But that's ok, because we are learning many ways to make it new and different. So overall, it's going well.

For the monthly totals, in November we spent $219.94 out of our $200 budget, meaning that we were $19.94 over.  Better than last month, but we've still got to get just a little bit tighter.  So far we haven't been to the store for December yet, and I know we still have enough food for several more dinners.  Hopefully I can stay out of the store for a little bit longer!

How did you do with your budget for November?


Amy said...

Way to go Sarah! That is great! November was the first month I have done well ever since we got Jayce diagnosed with the gluten intolerance. We only went over by $3.04! Yay! Still, we are no longer on the $200.00 budget. I wish we could but with a child who has food allergies it is so hard. I think as he gets older it will be easier... or I am hoping so at least.

I am glad to hear the cash system worked well for you. I am going to be switching all of my spending to cash in January (or that is the plan at least) and I can't wait. I know it will help our budget more than anything else I have tried.

Keep up the good work.

Jenn Earle said...

I think Robbie and I need to go with the cash system. I always just use the card and just ask robbie each week how much I have left over but then I forget about the little trips I make to cvs or a wal mart...this is pretty inspiring.

Kim Harrell said...

Way to go, Sarah! You are an inspiration! :) Keep on writing! You have worthwhile things to share. :)

Sarah said...

Thanks you all, for your sweet encouraging comments!

Jenn, I know...I feel like it is so easy to lose track of little trips to the store here and there if I use the card. It's amazing how much using cash again is helping out!