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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bedroom Sharing

Rub a dub dub, 3 girls in a tub room...

Sounds funny, but it makes me think of an orphanage or something the way we have 3 cribs lined up in a row.  Who ever would have thought I'd have three babies in cribs at one time?

I remember just a couple months ago, I was feeling a bit of trepidation at the thought of getting all three of my girls under two to sleep in the same bedroom.  However, I decided it is finally time for mommy and daddy to have their room back.  (At least for a while, you know.)  Now, after about a week of our "all 3 in 1" sleeping arrangement, all my worries are gone.  It's amazing.

I know most of you will probably get a kick out of this stuff, but this post is especially for any of you young mamas who haven't been through this stage yet, I'm thinking about you and remembering what I was thinking not too long back...

I was wondering how on earth I was going to keep them all from waking one another up!  I mean, the twins were already sleeping in our room together, but sometimes they would cry and one would wake the other one up.
This has actually turned out so much better than what I thought.  At first it wasn't so good, but after just a couple of days, they were falling asleep almost as soon as I laid them down.

With different ages and different sleep patterns, could they all really adjust to each other?  Or would I just have to listen to them all scream during naptime and then deal with cranky un-napped babies for the rest of the day?
Most days they sleep really good.  Sometimes my two year old stays awake and talks or sings, but the twins manage to sleep through it just fine most days.

What if one of the girls got sick in the night and then woke the other two up and I had to go in the room and upset all of them and then I would get less sleep than I already do?
We have experienced this actually during this first week of our new set-up.  I have two sick girlies right now, so for a couple of nights I was in and out checking on them a lot.  They usually sleep through it all pretty well, but I also found that when they did wake up, they settled right back down and went to sleep pretty quickly.

Would they all talk and play and not go to sleep? 
Sometimes, this does happen...like today.  I know today my 2 year old didn't sleep at all.  I don't think the twins did much either.  Of course, this happened sometimes before I put them all in the same room.

The things I have been hearing in the baby monitor of late are priceless and make the not-so-perfect days worth it all by far.

Abigail has been taking the opportunity for a bit of fellowship with her sisters.  :-)  I keep hearing "Emma, Sophie, be quiet!", "Emmmmaaa nooo!" or Abigail singing "Hall-ay-lu-yah...hall-ay-lu-yah...hall-ay-lu-yah...Your love makes me sing!" and singing Jesus Loves Me, God You Reign, Jesus loves the little Children, etc.  It is SO PRECIOUS!!

And whenever I go in to get them up, they are usually playing and laughing and exchanging dolls and blankets.  PRICELESS.


Holly T. said...

Love this!! I have my two kids (ages 2 and 1) both in cribs in the same room, too. I had the EXACT SAME fears you did and it's working out great now! Thanks for sharing.

Yvonne ~~ aka: Nana said...


Amy said...

Wow, I have been worrying about this all day today for some reason! Crazy that you happened to post about it! I am very nervous about Jayce and Lula Mae sharing a room... and for ALL of those reasons!!! (plus the fact that Lula Mae is a very ritualistic little girl) I think I will worry a little less after reading this :-) Still, knowing how Lula Mae is it could be a disaster in our house :-( Only time will tell! Glad you guys have your room back!

wholesomewomanhood said...

We just made the switch of having both our little boys sleep in the same bedroom as well. And I had those same fears too! :-) But I'm so glad we did it. It took Carter a few days to get used to the new crib but now he's fine with it. They sleep through each other's noises. And the play together when they wake up. So sweet!

~ Carrie ~

Randall and Rachel Beita said...

Memories they will never forget!!! I still remember our bedroom sharing days.

So glad you and Matt can have your room somewhat to yourself.