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Saturday, January 19, 2013

I'm Back!

After a year's hiatus, here I am.  It has been a full year.  Filled with lots of parenting...the joys, the struggles, the snuggling, the commitment of time and energy, and realizing how fast my children are growing...it has been so good to focus on them.  Full of learning and growing in my marriage (oh what a blessing it is to me!).  Full of knowing God more (what could possibly be better?!), learning to trust Him more, seeking Him more.  Full of family, big decisions, hard times, new ministry opportunities, and relationships with friends.  Looking back, I can see so many bumps in the road...several difficult times, but most of all...I see God.  Through everything, always there, constant, sovereign, always good.  I can't be thankful enough.

I've truly missed blogging over the past year, but I know taking a break was the right thing for the time.  As I looked back over the past few years of my blog, it brought back so many memories for me.  It really made me miss having this "journal" to keep track of what goes on in life.  And to share.  I love that life isn't meant to be lived alone, but also to share.  To learn, to grow, to inspire and be inspired by others.  I really do appreciate all of you who have been my readers (and hopefully will come back!!).

I have so much to write about...what God is teaching me, photos, crafts, organizing, kids, healthy eating and living, stories of life's special moments, recipes, homeschooling, marriage, and all kinds of stuff in between.

So stick around!  I'll be posting very soon about the books on my list for 2013 and other new year's goals!


Jenn Earle said...

So glad your back!!! :)

Jenn Earle said...

So glad your back :)

JoyW said...

I agree with Jenn! I've missed your updates and photography!

SnoWhite said...

:) YEA!!! Welcome back!!

Holly T. said...

Good to see you back!!! Thanks for posting the photos of your beautiful family! Looking forward to more posts from you.

Anonymous said...

That was TOO LONG!

Hehe, glad you're back! You were distinctly MISSED!