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Monday, November 7, 2011

The 200 Challenge - November 2011

I KNOW.  I'm super late posting this...sorry.  Life has been busy, and I just got carried away living it.  But, I'm back now.  :-)

Ok, so I'm beginning to think that we just need to raise the budget.  Seems like we have a trend of going over now.  I don't think my strategy from last month went very well.  Being in the store more inevitably makes me spend more.  Since that wasn't the best plan, I'm trying something a little different this month.  But first for the totals...

Out of our $200 budget for October, we spent $224.28.  Yikes!  That means that we were $24.28 over our budget.

So...new plan for November?  I decided that it would be better to withdraw cash and put it in an envelope for our food budget.  I used to be good about doing this, but recently I have been in the habit of just using the debit card, which makes it a bit harder to keep up with everything exactly.  So, back to the envelope system...I think this will be really good.

Also, I took a big trip to the store today and bought a bunch of staples {things like beans, rice, peanut butter, etc.} and tried to guess about what we would need for the rest of the month.  I also bought produce and some dairy items and I plan to stay out of the store for most of the rest of this month.  We'll see how that goes!  I think this will help me to see how many bags of rice we use a month, etc. and hopefully help me plan better.

The main plan is...we're just going to keep working at it.  :-)

For November we've spent $152.30 out of our $200 budget.  I'll try to update on this again later!

Please tell me that someone else is having a hard time staying under budget too?


Lauren said...

Not just you! We went over 200 last month too...

heather said...

We are switching back to envelopes for a lot of things. It is so much better on budget!