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Friday, January 13, 2012

A moment to muse

I sit here.

Thinking.  Mind spinning.

So much to say.  So long since I have said anything here.

My head is full of new thoughts and ideas.  And old ones too.  Memories I want to share, happenings from the holidays.

Whenever I sit down to write here...I get overwhelmed by all the stuff I have to say.  And then I must jump up to chase down my 11 month-old, the one who is walking EVERYWHERE, and the one who likes to eat EVERYTHING.

Then I sit back down, but not for long and I'm off to help with a potty trip, or to solve a sibling argument.

Then it's time to nurse my baby.  I have always been able to type while nursing...until this baby.  He is WAAY to easily distracted and he won't have it.  I can get on the computer and use the mouse with one hand, if I don't move too much, but typing, that's just out of the question, according to my little man.


I get frustrated because I feel like I NEED a moment.  To focus.  To get out all this stuff in my head.

But it's more impossible than it was even a few weeks ago.  With a new walker, homeschooling, and all the other stuff that's going on...you get the picture.

Then I remind myself.  Being here with my children, playing with them, solving arguments, chasing, cleaning up messes, giving hugs, cooking for my family, trying to clean up the tornado-struck living room strewn with toys, that's my job.  That IS most important.  That is what I NEED.  That is what I'm here to do.  First.

So I can't promise you when I'll blog next.  I hope it will be soon.  I miss it.

I'm working on getting better sleep and trying to get a routine down so that I won't be so brain dead when I finally do get a chance to sit down.

I hope to share my goals for this year soon.

But now the kitchen still needs to be cleaned and I'm getting very sleepy...

Off I go!


Randall and Rachel Beita said...

I know what you mean sis! My prayers are with you.

Jessi said...

Thanks for sharing... that's just what I need to hear. It's been on my mind, too. I'm trying to focus on what's really important and let go of the things that aren't (or at least let go a little, haha.)

Amy said...

I have noticed that as a SAHM my blogging comes in spurts. Those spurts depend on how the kids are napping, how much work I have do do at nap time, how tired I am by nap time... etc. I love my blog, but it is the first thing that gets neglected when real life takes over. It is hard though when you have sooo much that you feel like you want to unload so you can focus again. I have started having a journal beside the computer and when I think of something that needs/ I want to blog, I write it down. Then I use that to help me prioritize when I get a few moments to blog.

I am excited that you are homeschooling now! Now I have someone I can bounce ideas off of and ask silly questions :-) I have so loved school so far with Lula Mae! I can't wait to start true school!!!!

Enjoy the moments that make up real life :-)

Miss Borboleta said...

Thanks so much for sharing your feelings :) I'm just the same right now... And that's it, as you said. It's my job, what i'm here for. I have to remind that all the time so i can go on with my life with my brain more focused :) Thank you for reminding me that there are women like me as well :)