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Friday, July 18, 2008

Six Frugal Habits For Clothes Shopping

When shopping for clothing, try these six frugal habits and see if they make a difference in your wallet.

1. Always check the clearance racks first. Even if it means you have to walk straight to the back of the store.

2. Never pay full price for an article of clothing unless it is something that doesn’t go on sale or something that you really must have right away. And I don’t mean something that you “think” you must have.

3. Buy ahead. If you know your child will need clothes for next summer, get them when they go on clearance at the end of this summer, etc.

4. Avoid buying clothing that needs to be dry cleaned.

5. Shop at thrift and consignment stores. You can often find good quality clothing for much less at places like this.

6. Know what you are looking for. Don’t just go into a store blindly planning to just look around. Set an agenda or carry a list of what you need and stick to it.

For more Frugal ideas, go here.


Brooke said...

i love consignment store shopping. especially when they are having their 70% off sale at the end of the season. my family makes it an event to go twice a year!

Anonymous said...

Sarah you and I need to go frugal clothes shopping together! :)


Elizabeth said...

Great tips! I have always been a frugal clothing shopper and have actually annoyed people I'm shopping with because of my clearance rack addiction LOL. Great to see I'm not alone in never buying something full price unless I HAVE to!

Alaina said...

I just bought a lot of clothes for our girls online for next year. Hopefully, they will continue growing at the rate they have been. This is my first year doing that and I am a little nervous.

Also, Target has a TON of their girls shoes for $2-3 now!