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Monday, July 21, 2008

Menu Planning Monday 7-21-08

Nothing too fancy this week, just another attempt to eat healthy and fairly simply. I still am not over my nausea yet. :-( But hopefully I will be soon, and cooking will be much easier. But hey, at least we're not starving! And we haven't been eating out much either, so we have been saving more money, which is always a plus. :-)

Monday – Leftovers

Tuesday – Mushroom Pot Lasagna (made on the stove, with different noodles), mashed potatoes

Wednesday – Black bean soup, chips

Thursday – Black eyed peas, cornbread, mashed potatoes

Friday – Leftovers

Saturday – Tostadas (hard shell with lettuce, tomatoes, beans, cheese, rice, salsa, etc.)

Sunday – Leftovers

For more menu plans, visit OrgJunkie here.


Hadias said...

This is a great menu. Very frugal and tasty.

Elizabeth said...

Your menu sounds great! I love tostadas. And, I wish I was able to have leftovers like that but the more I make, the hungrier my DH and 4-yr-old are LOL. I hope you feel better soon. I want nausea (lol, we're ttc).

Betsy said...

Very yummy menu!

ahorne said...

Looks like you've done a great job planning. I sympathize with you... I was nauseous for eight months when I was pg with ds#3! ;)
Have a wonderful week,

Anonymous said...

Don't forget sweet sis that I will cook whenever you need me too. Just call me and I will come running! :)

Love you Sarah!