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Thursday, September 1, 2011

The 200 Challenge - September 2011

So...here we go.  August was our 2nd month back on the 200 Challenge.  I'm not feeling so good at this right now.  We did ok until about the last week, and then it didn't go so well.  I think the biggest mistake that I made was running into the store to grab some stuff in a hurry and not taking my calculator along to add it up as I went.  I was trying to tally it all up in my head as I sped through the store and couldn't keep count, so then I ended up spending more than what we had left in our budget at that point.  I've made a mental note not to do that again.

Ready for the totals?  Because I don't exactly want to tell you.  Out of our $200 budget, we spent $209.47, meaning we spent $9.47 over our budget.  I just keep telling myself that at least having a goal gets me closer than if I didn't have a goal at all.  :-)  And...we'll try again next month, right?

So don't be discouraged if you didn't quite make it under budget either.  We're going to stick with it and do our best.  :-)

Hello September!  It's only the 1st day and we have already spent $5.34.  That's better than last time though!  I think pushing the grocery shopping back for a day, and then another day, etc., sort of helps me, because the longer I stay out of the store the less I spend.

I don't actually have many meals for September planned out yet, but you can see this week's menu here.

**I'm not including a link-up for now, but if you are doing the 200 challenge please blog about it and leave your link in the comments, or just comment and tell me how you're doing.**


SnoWhite said...

I so agree.... the longer I stay out of the store, the less I spend!!

Randall and Rachel Beita said...

You still did great! That is not really that much over. Keep up the good work!

Jamie (Thrifty Veggie Mama) said...

I think that is still great! I can't keep mine under $300 a month so you are doing fantastic!

Amy said...

Lat month I experimented and went to the store once a week instead of twice a month..... did not work for us AT ALL!!!! I was so over and very discouraged by the last week. I am happy to be getting a fresh start in September! With Jayce's new gluten free diet I have had to add a little to our budget, but I still have a "goal". So even though it isn't $200.00, I still want to stay under my new budget. It is crazy how much more we spent due to Jayce and his diet change! Good luck Sarah! I know you will do better this month!

The Catholic Couponer said...

I want to participate in this! I just started couponing in June and all the sites tell you to have a $50/week or $200/month budget but I haven't really kept one at all. But this next month we are going to commit to a budget and taking $200 out of the bank for groceries. We'll see how it goes.