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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Homemade Larabars

These snack bars are simply AMAZING!  Seriously, this is my new favorite food.  :-)  They are on the pricey side to make, but they are raw and full of nutrition!  I wish I knew what the protein amount is for one of these bars.

Homemade Larabars
2 cups almonds
1/4 cup flax seeds, chia seeds (I have used flax and chia, but flax is my favorite)
1/2 cup dried prunes, dates or raisins (I used prunes)
½ cup unsweetened shredded coconut
½ cup peanut butter
½ cup coconut oil (melted)
1-2 Tbsp maple syrup or honey (I used honey)
2-3 teaspoons vanilla extract

Chop almonds, flax seeds, and shredded coconut in a food processor until finely chopped.  Pour into a mixing bowl.

Chop prunes in the food processor.  Add to mixing bowl.

Add remaining ingredients and mix well.

Put the mixture in a glass 8x8 pan and press down.

Place in refrigerator until chilled.  Once chilled the bars stick together more (they won't be crumbly).

Cut into bars.  Store in the refrigerator.  These bars can also be frozen.


*this recipe is modified from this Nourishing Protein Bar recipe


Holly T. said...

Thanks for this recipe! Can't wait to try these. We love Larabars in our house (cashew cookie and cherry pie are favorites). Looking forward to trying to make a pan of your homemade version.

Emily said...

These look great! I am definitely going to try this recipe.

Emily said...

Um, YES, we all loved them!!! :) They are dangerous to have around!!! Thank you for the recipe.