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Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Walmart and Aldi Adventure...

I went to Walmart the other day...all by myself...with my 3 girls 2 and under.  That in itself is enough to create a lot of interest.  I don't do it very often, but my hubby has been working a lot, and we needed groceries.

So I gathered  up my energy and decided to brave Walmart and Aldi with 3 girls and 1 double stroller.  But first we had to stop by the church to drop off some things for my hubby, and for a potty stop for my oldest.  Then on to Walmart and Aldi.  I wish I had pictures to make this story better...but can you imagine me juggling a camera too?

In Walmart I just used the stroller and my oldest helped me push.  We had a limit of whatever could fit down in the basket part of the stroller, and we barely made it.  I got a lot of stares...and a lot of smiles...and a few comments.  Interesting what having twins does to you.  Well and probably the fact that I have 3 little ones so close together.  Mostly I feel like either a celebrity or a weirdo...because of how people react when they see me making my way around with my little brood in tow.  :-)  We made it through Walmart with not much fussing, and I even remembered to use my coupons!

When we got to Aldi I knew all the groceries I needed to get couldn't possibly fit in the stroller basket, so I opted for the shopping cart with one in the front and two in the back in the basket with all the groceries.  I was really glad that we managed to fit in everything that we needed!

A few of the comments I heard from random people in the store...just crazy how many people stop to look and comment.

"Mercy!  Three of them!  And they're all girls!"  Said while shaking head in disbelief.  I just smiled.

"God bless you!"

"Are they twins?"

"Are they all yours?  Goodness, you have your hands full!"

"What a beautiful bunch you have!"

"Are they twins?  Are they boys?"  It's not often I get asked if they're boys.

"Are they all yours?  All girls?"

"Oh my!  They're so cute!"

Funny how many people stop to ask questions, and even funnier what they say sometimes.  I'm sure I was probably quite a sight.  But I love my crazy life.  Every outing is pretty much an adventure!

In the end we made it home alive with a bunch of food to eat.  :-)


Amy said...

You are so brave! Your girls are all so well behaved in church so I am sure they are just as good when you go out! Enjoy the comments (the good ones at least!) and to the others... well just brush them off! It always amazes me what complete strangers have the nerve to say. When I was huge pregnant with Jayce and we took Lula Mae to the zoo one lady said "oh, I feel so sorry for you." Funny, I am anything but sorry for myself to be blessed with a beautiful little girl and to be expecting another child. People just don't seem to think about what is coming out of their mouth and how it could be taken the wrong way. So glad to know that you are able to get out just you and the girls. It gives me hope that someday I will be able to take Lula Mae and Jayce out alone :-)

I have to say, if someone can't tell Emma and Sophia are girls they need glasses!Such beautiful girls!

alicia said...

Don't let what people say bother you. You are brave and amazing for taking on the task by yourself.

Heather said...

You are my hero.

Randall and Rachel Beita said...

Her girls are well behaved! We went shopping the other day together and my 1 boy almost 2 years old was worse than her 3 girls.

Still though if I had 3 I am not sure if I would be brave enough to attempt it. So proud of you sis! You do really make life look easy!

Holly T. said...

While I can't relate to "three under three", I did have "two under two" for a while and completely relate to shopping and only being able to get things that fit in the basket of the double stroller. I smiled reading that because I was totally there a few months ago! Won't we look back on these days and wonder, "how did I do that?" :-)