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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Books to Read in 2013 - March Update

Sooo...want to know how my reading is coming along?  I thought it would be good to post an updated list since I have read several of the books now.  It's kind of funny I seem to read in spurts.  I'll read a lot for one or two weeks, and then for a week or two I can't seem to get anywhere in my book.  But, I'm making good progress so I'm happy with that.

Here's my updated list!

1}  Don't Waste Your Life

2}  One Thousand Gifts

3}  The Duties of Parents 

4}  A Gospel Primer (currently reading this one as a devotional)

5}  Multiply: Disciples Making Disciples 

6}  This Momentary Marriage 

7}  Shopping for Time 

8}  Worldliness 

9}  Equipped to Love 

10}  Teach Them Diligently  (My sweet hubby got me this book, so I'm switching it with my previous #10)

11}  Family Practice 

12}  Christian Living in the Home

13}  Real Marriage (currently reading this one)

14}  Trusting God (still reading through this for our Small Group study)

15} Organized Simplicity 

1 comment:

Randall and Rachel Beita said...

Way to go, sis!! I should be keeping up with what I am reading. It might be encouraging to see just how much I do read when it really seems like so little!