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Friday, February 26, 2010

Earn free gift cards or cash: join Swagbucks!

Search & Win

Do you love free stuff?  I do, and I'm always looking for simple yet legitimate ways to earn a little extra money or other free stuff.  I had heard about Swagbucks a while back, but I just didn't take the time to fool with it, thinking it probably wasn't really worth my time.

But lately I noticed that a few other bloggers that I respected were recommending Swagbucks and talking about how they kept getting Amazon.com gift cards or Paypal cash for just doing normal searches on the web.  That's what I really love about this: I can earn gift cards just for doing something that I would normally do anyways...search the web.  Plus no spam, which is also important to me.  So, I decided to join Swagbucks.  I figured it was worth it to give it a try and if it wasn't anything great I could always drop it, right?

Well, it has been less than two weeks now since I joined, and I have already earned a $5.00 Amazon.com gift card, and I'm on my way to getting another one!  I actually waited to recommend Swagbucks to you all until I could make sure for myself that it was worth endorsing.

Basically all you have to do is just do normal searches through the Swagbucks search engine instead of say, Google, or whatever it is you usually use.  If you really want to win gift cards and prizes even faster, you can also earn swag bucks a few other ways too, like by entering featured swag codes or referring other people.  When your referrals search and win, you'll win too!  Or you can just search a lot.  Like I said, I didn't want to encourage other people to sign up until I'd tried it myself, but if you do want to sign up, I'd love to have the referral too!  You can just click on any Swagbucks link in this post to sign up through me.  And if you do, "thanks" in advance.  :-)

As an extra bonus, just for signing up, you'll get 30 Swagbucks when you register!

1 comment:

Holly T. said...

Thanks for the info on SwagBucks - I didn't really understand what it was until I read your post. I just signed up through your site so I hope you get the referral points. Thanks!