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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Decreasing bills

My husband and I just realized recently that we were paying for a phone line that we had thought was necessary to get internet, but it wasn't. So my wonderful husband called our service provider and asked them to cut out the phone service. We don't use the phone service because we have plenty of minutes on our cell phone plan and don't need it. So we will be saving around $240 a year.

Can you guess where that money will go now? We'll be throwing it all on our debt. Right now, we're working on paying off student loans.

If you think you might be over paying for a service, do a little research. It just might save you some money. Sometimes people/companies can be sneaky and make you think you need things that you don't. I mean, they do want your money, of course.


Eric said...

We did that about a month or so ago and it'll save us a bundle! It's definitely worth looking into different services if you know you can do without them.

Randall and Rachel Beita said...

So proud of you guys! Keep paying those debts.

Joyful Wife said...

Way to go Sarah, this is just great!!