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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Cheap Pregnancy Tests

For all of you ladies in need of pregnancy tests…listen up!

You can get pregnancy tests at Dollar General for $1 each.
They really do work. I’ve used Dollar General pregnancy tests both times that I found out I was pregnant (as well as several times that I was not.) They are kept behind the checkout counter at Dollar General, so you do have to ask for them. I always ask specifically for the $1 pregnancy tests, since they do sell $4 tests behind the counter too.


Anonymous said...

is there something you guys aren't telling us??

Rhonda said...

Hmmm, does sound kind of suspicious ;)

Sarah said...

Haha! Nope. Not this time. :-)

Heather said...

good to know ;)

Sherah said...

You can also get them on Ebay! I am quite fertile, with 7 children 10 and under + one miscarriage, so I just decided to buy them in bulk on Ebay, lol! You can get 20 tests for about $6 shipped, if I remember right. =)