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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Family Update

Matt, Abigail, and I are doing well. Matt is still working at Blockbuster as Assistant Manager (also he plays on the worship team and leads the youth group at church), I am staying at home with Abigail, and Abigail, well she is just growing up SO FAST!!

We just bought a house in February, so we are enjoying having our own place and fixing it up to look like home. I will post pictures of our house up soon.

Abigail is 6 months old now...WOW. Hard to believe how fast she is growing. Abigail is sitting on her own now, and she has also started eating cereal...and loves it!! Water is still her favorite though. :-)

She is loving her jumperoo, exploring, and getting into everything. She isn't quite crawling yet, but she can scoot and roll across the room to get wherever she wants to go. She loves talking too...not real words yet, but lots of cute baby babble. She is happy almost all of the time which is a real blessing and so fun to see her smiles and to hear her laugh. Now for the pictures.

She loves jumping in her jumperoo.

Watching her Baby Einstein video with Daddy.

Looking at Mommy.


Playing with her toys...

Sitting up like a big girl...

"Mommy, come back!"

Excited again.

More photos coming soon. Next I will post Abigail's eating pictures!

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