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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

5 simple tips for a frugal Christmas

1} set a budget for gifts - and stick to it!  Instead of three gifts per person, give one.

2} give handmade gifts - there are so many simple, yet nice, DIY gifts out there, so get searching for ideas!

3} set a budget for Christmas dinner and keep the food simple - who said fancy is better?  Focus more on the people than on the food.

4} decorate using things already around the house or yard - get creative!

5} stay home - stay out of the store and do something fun and free at home with your family.


Randall and Rachel Beita said...

Great tips! Love the way you decorate with what you have!

Amy said...

Good tips! I have set these similar goals this year as well! We come in very under budget on the kids this year, even doing 3 gifts a piece (but then again you have 4 to buy for where as I only have 2). We really bought 3 things we knew they would play with for more than a day, plus to our kids a small gift is a big deal (we don't do much buying unless it is Christmas or a birthday). Luckily we don't have much space to actually decorate ;-) less really is more! I also bought some cheap fabric and made a few decorations this year. Not only do I love homemade stuff, it was such a budget helper! We are invited to sooooo many Christmas gatherings that I am nervous about my budget there. I am really staying out of the store and keeping hard core to my lists and menus. This time of year is so hard!

Keep it up Sarah! I know you and Matt are doing a great job!

Mrs. Mordecai said...

Love those tips! Especially to stay home—not only do we save money, but we're happier too; it's so nice just to spend time together.