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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Construction Paper Art

You might remember that I posted about trying to do more fun and educational projects with my children.  One of the things I posted about recently was bean play.  I know I haven't posted many yet, but we are working on it!  We have been creating some fun new things and my girls are loving it!  They always ask to do "a craft" now.  :-)

These pretty construction paper pictures we made from drawing simple shapes, cutting them out, and then gluing them onto the paper background.

If you look closely you can tell that the girls each chose where to put the different objects on their pictures because none of them are quite the same.

After the pictures were dry, we had fun talking about the objects and colors.

I hope you're inspired to do something simple and fun with your child!  :-)


Randall and Rachel Beita said...

So cute!! I have been wanting to do this very thing with Josiah!

Miss Borboleta said...

I love it and i'm going to make it too with my 3 year old. Thank you :)