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Monday, May 3, 2010

Plan B by Pete Wilson - A Review

Sometimes life happens different than what we plan or expect.  All of sudden we're faced with a crisis, and we wonder where God is in the midst of all this.  In Plan B, Pete Wilson shares stories from the Bible and real life about people who found themselves suddenly in the middle of Plan B situations.  However, our Plan B situations are always Plan A to God.  Plan B points us to Christ and the cross as the anchor for our lives and in this book we are reminded that God uses these times when we feel helpless and hopeless to work in us in big ways.  In our weakness He is strong, and He is glorified.

Plan B was a great reminder to me of how perfect God's plans are, even when we can't see the big picture and life just doesn't make sense.  I truly believe that in our pain and helplessness God is working in us and giving us great opportunities to be conformed more and more into the image of Christ.  This book will challenge you to look for God in every circumstance and to surrender your plans to Him with complete joy and trust.  An easy read, and full of hope.  I would recommend this book.

*I received this book as a complimentary review copy from Thomas Nelson Publishers through their BookSneeze.com book review program.  All opinions expressed are my own and are in no other way influenced or compensated by anyone.

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Heather said...

We have this!
We have not read it yet however...
You stole my review!