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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Scripture Memorization by John Piper

Please take a moment to watch this video.  It is amazing!  If you don't have time to watch all 47 minutes, at least watch the first 16 minutes.  John Piper quotes scripture with passion and enthusiasm for a straight 16 minutes.  It is so beautiful! 

This video challenged my hubby and I to make memorizing scripture a higher priority in our home.  We must have scripture memorized in order to meditate on it throughout the day, in order to abide in Him.  I could watch this every day!


SnoWhite said...

Thanks for sharing, Sarah.

I have heard Piper in person -- at his church a few times -- The Lord is truly using Him.

Amy said...

Great post! I hope that I am able to start memorizing too. I have lots of verses written down in different places so that I see them throughout the day. It helps me stay on track, but knowing them by heart would help even more!

I know you and Matt will do a great job making it a priority in your home! Good Luck and have fun with it!

James said...

Thanks for the comment you made on our blog and for voting. I came to see your blog and when I saw this video of John Piper I just smiled. My husband and I just made goals a few nights ago to memorize a lot of different scripture over this upcoming new year. I love how our God works! Thanks for posting this encouragement!

Jeannine said...

How REFRESHING! Just to hear THE WORD and not opinions. I use google to search scriptures quickly and was surprised and delighted to hear it and have added this to my favorites so I can bask in the comfort of God's Word. Thank You. Jeannine