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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Busy days, twins, and counseling

I can't believe it is almost Sunday already.  These past few weeks have been quite busy and it seems that time is flying past with some extra speed.  Today was pretty much filled with counseling training.  As was yesterday evening.  My husband and I have just started the training process to become certified nouthetic counselors.  We are in the stage of watching a lot of dvd lectures and we're learning a lot so far.  That's what we did last weekend too.  We are learning how to counsel straight from God's word, which is not done often enough, even by Christian counselors.  It is so exciting to see God at work in this process.

Actually, I can see God at work in my life in so many ways right now, and it is so encouraging.  He is teaching me so much and little by little, lesson by lesson, I am becoming more like Jesus.

Emma and Sophia will be one year old in two weeks!  Talk about time flying by!  Sometimes I feel like I have just blinked after their birth and all of a sudden we are here.  Having twins brings me so much joy these days.  If I'm having a bad day, all I have to do is slow down a little and watch my girls play.  They sure keep me busy though!  Both are into everything now...crawling and cruising, double time!  And it's teething time around here too...between the both of them, we have eight teeth coming in at one time.  Yep!  I plan to write a post on teething remedies soon.  :-)


JessicaElizabeth said...

Just found your blog through The Roland Family. Love it, am now a follower - what a beautiful family. I'm in grad school getting my masters in Counseling - keep up the good work!

Lisa and Phil said...

What a wonderful picture. Showing their curiousity and insight at the same time.

rebekah said...


I am also training to be a biblical counselor, where are you studying, or who through?

Sarah said...

That's really great!! I'm taking the course for nouthetic counseling from NANC. If you type that in google it should get you to the site, I think. I can't remember the exact web address for it at the moment. Who are you studying through?

rebekah said...

I live in the U.K, but I am doing an online course through Trinity college in the States, I have all my studies via their core sight and have keys for each course and exam as I progress. Its really good so far, topics like, how to counsel in your local church, what is biblical counseling, who should counsel etc..

I will check out yours too.