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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fireproof - The Movie

I am so excited that another Christian movie will very soon be released in theaters!

Fireproof is a new movie from Sherwood Pictures, the creators of Facing The Giants and Flywheel (also great movies). I don't know a whole lot about the plot, other than that it deals with a struggling marriage and the journey of a fireman (the husband) to stay committed to his wife and to let God heal their marriage. You can view the Fireproof trailer at the official website, here.

Fireproof will be released in theaters September 26th. You can search for a theater near you on the movie website. The more people who view this movie in theaters, the better the rating numbers will be. It's a great way to support the work of these Christian filmmakers and to show our appreciation for lower budget Christian movies making it into the theaters.

So check out the trailer! It looks like a really great movie!

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