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Thursday, March 18, 2010

This Little Prayer of Mine - A Review

Prayer is a big thing in our home.  Not only do we pray before each meal, but also throughout the day.  It's important to me as a parent that my children learn how to pray.  So naturally it thrills me when my two year old comes to me thinking of someone and says "Mommy, pray for  name here ".  She then proceeds to pray in her simple, childlike way, genuine and full of care.  I love it!  And when she gets a boo boo?  "Mommy, kiss it.  Pray it."

This Little Prayer of Mine, by Anthony DeStefano is a great book for encouraging and teaching little ones about prayer.  I love having books around that reinforce the things that I am already teaching my children.  Written in the form of a simple, captivating rhyme, this book is just another reminder to children of the importance of communicating with God.  Full of beautiful illustrations by Mark Elliot that will capture your child's attention, and expressing the simple honesty that flows from a child's heart, This Little Prayer of Mine teaches children how to talk to God.  I love the prayer throughout the book.  It expresses the wonders, the joys, the desires, the needs, and the fears of a child's heart.  It encourages children to talk with God about all that goes on during their day, sharing all the thoughts that come straight from their hearts.  I highly recommend This Little Prayer of Mine.  I hope that you are able to read it with your little ones, and enjoy it like we have!

*Many thanks to Anthony DeStefano for sending me this review copy!  The fact that I received this as a review copy in no way influences my opinion or review.

1 comment:

Latisha said...

This sounds like a lovely book. Just the kind, i'd like to read to my children. I want my children to understand the power of prayer at a very young age. In the times we are living in now, we have to teach them about the armor of God.