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Friday, January 1, 2010

Scripture Memorization at Our House

One of our new family goals as of late has been to memorize more scripture.  We've been working on this a bit for the past couple of months.  A little while back we were really inspired by this video.  As Christians, we need to be able to quote Scripture as we share our beliefs with others and we also need to memorize Scripture so that we can meditate on it throughout the day, as we are busy with whatever the task at hand may be.  Memorizing scripture has always been important to me, but it is easy to get busy and keep putting it off.  We are determined now, though, and we have developed a course of action to make sure that we stay on it!

In order to stay focused we are picking out a few scriptures to work on together as a family, and we are also memorizing some other verses separately.  My husband actually picked out the specific passages of scripture that he wants to memorize over this next year, and he wrote them down on his list of goals for 2010.  I just have a few Scriptures in my head and intend to flow along with whatever comes to mind as I finish one.

I have also been making some Bible memory verse cards to put up different places in our house so that we will see them often.  A few days ago I put a memory verse card on the mirror in our bathroom and every time I am in the bathroom, I work on memorizing it.  I actually have it down now!

I'd love to hear ideas for Scripture memorization from you all.  How do you memorize Scripture in your home?


Amy said...

On your bathroom mirror is a great idea!!! I could put some cards there, right at the kitchen sink (where I feel like I spend a lot of time!) and other places like that! i will have to try that for sure!

Miranda said...

You can check out my latest scripture memory idea on my blog. We are thinking alike this New Year 2010!!

Regina said...

We as a family each day pray the Rosary-which if you are not Catholic you may not know that what we pray are the important parts of Jesus' birth, life, and death. Our children love it! We also use dinner time for prayer and religious scripture games.
Flashcards with scripture are great too! I encourage all families to look at the scripture that you rarely hear about and study the meanings. I love your blogs by the way--what a blessing they are!