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Saturday, August 8, 2009

I'm going away...but just for a while

I'm going away. Don't worry, I'll be back. :-)

We are headed out bright and early tomorrow for a vacation trip to the beach. I am so excited!! Actually we all are. We're headed to a family vacation house so our biggest expense is really just the gas to get there (and back), plus a little extra money for eating out. I know for sure we couldn't afford to do this if we had to pay for the lodging too, so this is a huge blessing. I know it will be a good time to get away from all of the stress of our normal life and to just relax and have some great family time. I won't likely be blogging much while we're gone, but if I get a chance I will try to update when I can, and I may schedule a few posts ahead of time if I am able. I can definitely assure you I will be taking lots of pictures though!

This will be the first time to the beach for the twins (unless you count that they were in my belly last time), and the second time for Abigail, although I'm sure she doesn't even remember the first at all.

My husband and I will be celebrating our 3rd anniversary while we're there too. :-) So wish us lots of fun! We have many memories to make!


Shelly said...

Hope you have a great trip! Happy Anniversary!

SnoWhite said...

Praying you all have a wonderful time! Happy 3rd Anniversary :)