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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Planting a Garden...

(one end of our garden)

We planted our garden this week. This is our second year of gardening since being married. Last year's garden was in pots and was a great experience. This year we're going a bit bigger and planing a larger variety of plants.

(bell pepper)

Gardening is a fun, family activity as well as frugal and healthy. Growing your own herbs and produce can save lots of money compared to buying it all in the store. Gardening your own food will allow you to know what is in it too. If you want to go natural, organic, and pesticide free, you can. That is what we will be doing for sure.


Here's what we're growing in our garden this year:
tomatoes (a few different varieties)
yellow squash
bell pepper


We still plan to add a few more too:


We have several fruit trees to harvest too:

I will post some photos of our herbs soon, and some of our flower garden, so stay tuned!!


Randall and Rachel Beita said...

Yumm! I don´t know how you find time to do it all sis. You are amazing!

Snow White said...

how did your gardening in pots go? I've been thinking about trying bell peppers and zucchini....

Sarah said...

Awww...thanks Rachel! It is not always easy, we have been planning it for a while and just didn't get to it before now! :-)

Snow White,
I really liked the pot gardening last year. It is easy to move around as you wish and less weeds too. We grew bell peppers last year and they did very well. We are doing our herbs in pots still this year too.