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Sunday, September 28, 2008

An Update...Long Overdue

Once again, I am back. The lapse of posts was unintentional, yet we all know how easily our days can veer off the planned track and end up somewhere else totally. These recent weeks have been good, but busy. With my sister’s wedding and all the relatives from out of state (and country), there has been a whirlwind of visiting and going, going, going. Now that everyone is gone I am enjoying how things are settling back down somewhat, although I do miss everyone tremendously.

This past week we finally painted the 3rd bedroom in our house which had gotten so cluttered with random junk that it really had to be cleaned out before we could even be able to move around there. My sweet family came over a few days last week to help and then my husband and I were able to move everything back in. I am so excited and relieved to finally have that done! The room is still a little cluttered as there is some yard sale and other miscellaneous stuff being stored there for the time being, but it certainly is a bit more organized! Hopefully we can get the blinds up this week. I'll try to post photos very soon!

Friday night Matt and I drove to Greenville to see “Fireproof” since it won’t be coming to our small town of Greenwood. I will be posting my review up soon! Nana and Granddaddy babysat Abigail for us and it was really nice to get away for a few hours, though I really, really miss her when I’m away.

When we arrived home late Friday night, we found a dead deer at our mailbox…ugh! I was too grossed out to even get the mail. We called animal control, but they won’t pick it up until Monday, so my husband had to drag it a little ways down the road so it wouldn’t be right at the end of the driveway. So sad!

The twins have been kicking and moving like crazy. They move pretty much all through the day and at night too…at least before I go to sleep. They haven’t kept me awake much though, I think because I’m so exhausted and I just don’t feel anything while I’m asleep! The other night I could feel my belly stretching. It was such a weird feeling! It literally felt like someone was blowing up a balloon inside of me and just wouldn’t stop! I have less and less room for food now as all my organs continue to get more and more crushed together. Whew! So the adventure continues…


Anonymous said...

Yes granddaddy had a good time and ready to keep Abigail again!! SOON!!

Love Granddaddy

Anonymous said...

Yeah Nana says ditto to what granddaddy said. It is such a pleasure to be able to keep our "GRANDBABY" We LOVE her so much. She is so sweet and SMART!!

Love Nana :)