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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My Little Mozart

Ummmm...I walked out of the room, and this is what happened... My baby climbed up on daddy's guitar to play the piano. Cute, but scary too.


KimE2005 said...

Oh my goodness, Abigail! I am so glad you love music, but you need to be careful. I love your dress. Scallops are my favorite. You are growing up so fast. God is preparing you to be a big sister. How exciting!Love your cousins, David, Kimberly, and Abigail #2 :)

Randall y Rachel Beita said...

Once again so cute. Kim do you have a blog? Or David? What are your email address? My blog is beitafamily.blogspot.com Love you guys.

Anonymous said...

OK can we say adorable? Bring that baby over here right away! We need to kiss her. Ofcourse I'm not surprised one little bit with Sarah's musical talents and Matt's musical talents--Kind of like Abigail #2. THesse girls are going to musical protiges!

Barbara and Trisha

Anonymous said...

That first picture says it all. She is so happy. We love her so much.

Love Nana & Granddaddy