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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Waiting Is Hard

I don't know why I'm feeling so impatient, but I can't wait to find out when this baby is supposed to come! I am so ready to be done with all this nausea and to have energy again. I go to the doctor on the 23rd. That seems a long time away. I should be getting an ultrasound that day. And lots of icky labs.

It's weird how I've noticed that at many points in my life I tend to rush through an experience just to get to the other side. It's not really a good thing. I want to enjoy and learn from every experience God sends me through. I tend to think things often like "Just as soon as I can get past these first few months and feel better, then I can enjoy being pregnant" or "As soon as I can have this baby I can get back in shape again." I even think that way about non-pregnancy related things. Why do I think like that? Why do I have to try to jump ahead and miss these precious moments? I know one thing, it really isn't intentional, and I'm trying to catch myself in the middle of this type of thought and turn it around.

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Randall y Rachel Beita said...

I know how you feel. I do this too and my latest is I want the baby to come so that I can see if the terrible strech marks will go away. I have so many. But I want to enjoy these last few days, hours or whaterver that I have left to feel the kicks and love the little one inside of me before the crying and sleepless nights start and the hard training moments. Enjoy and learn from life!!