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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A New Development

So we found out that we're expecting again. Not a good enough excuse for my absence, but still a huge contributing factor. I have not been to the doctor yet, but we think the due date may be sometime in December.

Nausea and fatigue have been rampant. I have been sleeping almost every moment I can get a chance to. I eat like I have a bottomless stomach...yet it is not pleasurable in the least. Eating seems to have become a chore, and the battle with nausea my constant companion for this while. I can't wait for this stage to pass.

Excitement is present too, but it is different the second time around. I guess maybe because it isn't new anymore. I feel like it hasn't really hit me yet that I will have another baby before too long. Abigail will be so cute as a big sister. I think she will be walking by then which will be helpful with having two little ones so close in age.

I am amazed many times at the timing that God sees as perfect, and how He has chosen to bless us with another little one to love, to shepherd, and to care for. We have experienced our share of shocked looks and sarcastic comments which ought not to be so freely bestowed. It is sad that our culture has strayed so far from God's truth and now views children as a burden rather than a blessing.

But we are truly blessed. And we are thankful. Please keep us in your prayers.

I will really try hard to do better with posting consistently. :-)


Anonymous said...

We are blessed to have Abigail as our granddaughter and will be even more blessed to have another little one. We can't wait.

Sorry that the fatigue and nausea go along with such GREAT NEWS!! It will pass I know but not to quickly for you sweet one. Hang in there. We LOVE YOU ALL VERY MUCH!!

Love Mom & Dad Dorn :)

Anonymous said...

my own dear sister I couldn't be happier about your new little one!

Praise God who puts these little souls in families an lets us rejoice in a care for them. You are a blessing to me in many ways!

Call me when you need help or something new to eat. :)