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Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Fun Never Ends...

Seems like sometimes life is a whirlwind. I don't think it plans to stop anytime soon. Just got back from vacation in Florida...so much fun seeing Abigail meet the beach for the first time! Nice to relax in the sun and cool off in the water. And digging my toes in the sand...that just makes me happy.

But strangely, after all the fun that was had, I was actually ready to come home. It is so great to have that place you know is quiet and peaceful and you can count on the established routine of baby napping during the day. Yes, it IS a big thing. :-)

Next day was my first prenatal appointment complete with ultrasound (yay!) and a blood test...ick! The ultrasound was supposed to help us figure out when I'm due, which it did, but not only. I think probably the moments that followed were the most surprised moments in my life. I'm having TWINS. Yep, crazy I know. It's still sinking in. It changes everything so much...new decisions, new responsibilities, new plans, new things to learn.

Someone told me at a restaurant the other day that I was brave. I didn't choose to be. It's scary and exciting at the same time. But we are blessed that God would choose us to carry, raise, and care for these two little ones. One of the nicest comments I have received so far is probably that of another woman in the restaurant who replied "You will be fine. God doesn't give us more than we can handle." That was tremendously encouraging and it was nice to hear something other than "You're going to have your hands full!"

The due date is January 10th.

Anyone have good recommendations of books or websites about twins? I would love to hear them!


Anonymous said...

TWINS!! :) Recommendations? Hands full?

Recommendations: Not about how to handle twins or what is going to happen during your pregnancy but your family will be there to help you. Remember you can count on us. We love you very much and you have an abundance of family not only your's but Matthew's family too. We are here for you and do not forget that.

Hands Full: yeah you will but that is when the fun starts. The lady was right God does not give you more than you can handle. I (we) went through that about a year ago and I (we) thought we were not going to be able to handle that but God was there and pulled us through. So when the hands get full remember family is just a phone call away or who knows we may even be right there under your nose and you may want to even tell us to "leave" but you will in a nice way right? :)

So that is all I can tell you right now other than I LOVE YOU and am so glad that God gave you to my son. You are the daughter that I never had and God knew that.

WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!! Don't forget that.

Love Mom Dorn!! :)

Randall y Rachel Beita said...

Sarah, I am so happy for you and Matt. It will be lots of work especially with Abigale being so small but God is faithful. Really as I am now in the after birth don´t know how you will do it as I can´t think of having another baby to care for now or a twin to nurse and be up with at night. I am struggeling with one and the pain of the open wound and all that brings. All I know is that God´s strenght and grace are sufficient. I will keep my eyes open for twin advice. Does Matt have any twins in his family at all, in any generation? If not then all that stuff about having twins only when it is in the family is a myth. Do you know if they are identical or whatever? Are they sharing the same sack and stuff? Love you lots and anything you need let me know. Tell Matt I am excited for you all and give hugs and kisses to Abigale.

Sarah said...

Mom Dorn:
Thanks for your sweet comment and for all your love and support. It is such a blessing to have family nearby and to know that you all are here for us whenever we need you. God knew that we needed to be here right now. I can't imagine living far away.

Thank you. You are right that God is faithful. Don't worry, the vivid memories of birth and the time just after do fade somewhat with time. I think that is the only way that we can go through it again. I remember right after Abigail was born I didn't know if I could ever have a baby again, but look at me now. :-)

Twins do run in Matt's family although it is not really direct but more distant branching through extended family. Dad says that one of his aunts or great aunts or something had twins too and Uncle Tom on Mom's side. Who knows?

We don't know yet if the twins are identical or not. I guess they may be able to tell in a later ultrasound.

emily said...

Hi! I just checked in for the first time in a while and saw you are being blessed with twins! How exciting. I don't have any advice but I really enjoy reading www.thelifeofsuz.blogspot.com - she is a friend of a friend and I like her blog. She is an upbeat and funny Christian mom to QUADS!