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Friday, May 16, 2008

Frugal Fridays: saving on haircuts

Learn to cut hair. It's simple and will save around $10 a haircut. Over a year, that can add up to quite a mentionable sum. I cut my husband's hair and all it takes is a little practice and a little time. Just grab a chair and put it in the middle of the kitchen (that way you can just sweep up the mess in the end), use a shower curtain, trash bag (cut down the sides to make a big piece), or towel and a clothespin to put around the neck (it will catch a good amount of the cut hair), and you're all set to get started! Most guys probably already own a trimmer and you can use that for the edges. So all you need is a pair of hair cutter's scissors which you can buy at Walmart or a beauty store for a reasonable price. Now for the experience. Ask your mom, grandmother, or a friend if they have done any hair cutting and can teach you what they know. Or check out your local library. They should have several books specifically geared at learning to cut hair. Lastly, have fun!!

And think about throwing the extra money you save onto paying off some debt. Every little bit helps!

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Christie said...

I've been cutting my husband's hair for the past 3 years, and we've both been thrilled with the amount of money (and time) that it's saved us!

Christie said...

That is so neat that you're one of 8 too! It's rare to meet people our age from big families... :) Does your husband come from a big family? My husband has 4 brothers... so we shocked them when we started bringing girls into the family! :)

Tara said...

Oh my word.. Pleaseee give me some magic hair cutting skills!!!!!! I tried and tried on my husband and my son.. and lets just say.. I BUTCHER their hair everytime. I am so embarrassed that I cannot grasp the concept grrrrrrrrrrrr. So I gave up lol.. Perhaps I should try again..but my husband may not let me lol (I am #3 of 8 kids as well)

Tara said...

Thanks for commenting on my site today.. I will practice ONE more time lol on my son's hair.. but last time I did he turns to me and says "Mom this was not a good idea" he is 3 1/2 LOL

Thanks for the encouragement.. I am working pretty hard at losing this weight I am sure I could do better!