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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Haul out the holly...

Tis the season to celebrate!  :-)

We're deep in celebration mode around here...

making ornaments

decorating the tree

enjoying Christmas parties

baking cookies {healthy cookies, of course!}

making homemade gifts


battling colds {doing a lot of this, yet being so thankful for good health overall}

pondering resolutions for the year ahead

gazing at the Christmas lights

trying to balance generosity and frugality

wrapping gifts

taking pictures

talking about Jesus and His birth in a stable

singing Christmas carols {LOVE the way my girls sing them}  :-)

In other news, my husband started a new job yesterday {such a blessing}, so there is lots of working going on too...finishing out his last two weeks at the old job and working into the new one at the same time.  Changes in life, trying to maintain some kind of routine amidst it all, thinking ahead, planning, realizing that the new year is just around the corner...how did it sneak up so fast??

I'm loving that as the children get just a little bit older their understandings of Jesus and our celebration of Him, is deepening.  I know that things should be more crazy as we celebrate the Joy of the world, our Savior, The Changer of our lives, yet at the same time, we try hard to keep it simple, so that we can focus on Jesus without too much distraction of hustle and bustle, so that we can teach our Children what this season is really all about.

Making homemade gifts has been so much fun.  It's ok if they're not perfect, it's about the love and the time spent to bless another person.  I want to post more about what I have been making, but haven't had the time yet.  Maybe soon.  Remember, we can teach our children to delight in the simple.  No need to spend lots of money for it to be special.  Last year my hubby made the sweetest doll house for our girls {I've never showed it to you, sorry!}  Here are a few simple, last minute ideas that are DIY projects I have featured in the past.  These would make wonderful gifts!  :-)

Girl's Ruffled T-Shirt Skirt

Girl's Ruffle Pants

Boo Boo Rice Pack

Felt Pizza

Massage Oil

Braided Fabric Necklace

Photo Frame Hair Bow Holder

I'll tell you some of the things hubby and I are making this year...

Magnetic Cookie Sheet Bulletin Boards  {tutorial to come soon}

Sweet Sleep Pillows

Ruffle Aprons {tutorial to come soon}

Doll Bed {out of a pallet}

Doll Bed Bedding

...and some surprises for hubby, but I can't tell you yet!

Happy week before Christmas!!

1 comment:

Randall and Rachel Beita said...

Wow! You have been busy! A almost completely homemade Christmas! You are amazing!