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Saturday, October 22, 2011


I love thrifting.

It's a great way to get things for cheap.  I buy home items, clothes, books, toys, fabric, etc. from thrift stores.  The best thing is you pay less and you can never tell that you did!  Not to mention it's kind of like a treasure hunt with an added element of surprise...you never know what you will find!  One thing though.  The point of thrifting is not to buy stuff because it's cheap and then let it sit around and clutter your home...make sure that it has a purpose!

Here are a few things I got at a thrift store the other day.

A big canvas bin.  The moment I saw it I loved it!  It did look a little worse for wear, but I figured with a good scrubbing and some new handles it would be good as new.  I actually like the antiquey look of worn canvas too.  I have a few too many ideas for this...it will either hold shoes, blankets, or fabric, or it might become a hamper.  Oh, it has a really great metal frame too, so it's super sturdy.  I've been needing some more bins for storage and this was only $2.00...a great deal!

A pretty, pretty picture frame.  Don't you think so?  All it needs is a little spray paint and it will be perfect!  I had my eye out for something like this, so when I saw it I snatched it up really quick.  :-)  Guess how much it cost?  $1.00...yep, another great deal!

A United States map.  Again, not a random dust catcher that I didn't have a place for.  I have been wanting to get a U.S. and a World map to put up for the children.  This went right up in the playroom, and I love it!  It cost just $0.50 and it is laminated too.  The only thing is that it looks a little wavy from being rolled up, but I'm hoping it will straighten out on it's own.


Randall and Rachel Beita said...

Good finds sis! Great fun shopping with you!! Sorry I had to go and nurse the baby and so I had to read your blog to see what you got!

Jenn Earle said...

okay where in the world do you go thrifting and can you please take me with you next time! haha

Sarah said...

Rachel, I know! I didn't see what you got either, but it was fun!

Jenn, I went to the Hospice thrift store the other day, and sometimes I go the the Salvation Army thrift store. You can come with me sometime! I wish we had a Goodwill. :-(

Amy said...

Oh I would LOVE a Goodwill! They do such a good job there!

Great finds! I LOVE the frame! I need to go and search for one of those for my sisters birthday gift I am going to be making soon! And the map will certainly straighten out at some point. You could blow it with a hair dryer too if it doesn't.