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Friday, April 29, 2011

Don't spill the beans

Beans.  Cheap, fun, and easy to clean up!  My little girls have been having so much fun playing with dry beans.  I give them each a bowl or two, and a spoon, and they are entertained while I cook dinner.  Believe me, this is great.  It can also be educational as they scoop, pour, measure, or count.


Kelly said...

Oh my, why have I not thought of this before? This sounds like a great idea to keep my 19-month-old busy. Anything to give Mommy a couple minutes to scrub laundry, vacuum...the list never ends : )

Amy said...

You are right! It is a wonderful tool for teaching! All those skills are very important and can be so fun to teach :-) I like rice too. But more like a rice table (or large storage bin. Much easier and cheaper than a sand table but they can still dig and play in it just the same!