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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Free Nursing Cover

EDIT: I just found out that there is some controversy over this company. Everything that I read said that people received their nursing covers but some have claimed that they had additional charges on their credit cards later as a result of ordering from Udder Covers. I would sugest using Paypal just in case. If you have already purchased one using your credit card, just be sure to check your statements.

Get a free nursing cover from Udder Covers!

Nursing covers are great for breastfeeding moms or as a gift for a friend. I made one when I was pregnant with my first baby and have used it so much since then. In fact, I still use it for breastfeeding my twins. I am not familiar with the Udder Covers brand, but they look really nice.

Just go to the Udder Covers website, put one in your shopping cart, go to checkout, and enter the code "country" or "onefree". Then all you have to do is pay the shipping (I think it's $8.95). Not bad at all!

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