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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

God's Provision

I am endlessly amazed by God’s goodness to us. Even when we struggle with our priorities and we’re not in tune with Him like we should be, God doesn’t withhold His blessings from us. He is constantly faithful and loving.

One day recently, I was sitting on the couch thinking about how God is teaching me to receive. Giving is so much easier for me, yet I know it’s important to learn to receive as well. Funny my mom called just then and offered to bring two of my siblings by to help out with the baby while she did her grocery shopping and picked up whatever groceries I needed (I wasn’t feeling well and had previously planned to go shopping with her). I tried to refuse the offer, not because it wouldn’t be helpful, but because I felt bad to let my family serve me in that way. My mom said something about how we have to learn to receive...funny since I had just been thinking about that when she called. I guess God was really trying to get that message through my brain! So yes, I did accept and was able to get some much needed rest.

Lately I haven’t had too much of a choice on the receiving end as my husband has come home with the “blessings” given to us by people he came into contact with during his day. One week all our vehicles needed work, and someone just handed my husband some money to help with the cost of fixing them. Another person came up to my husband and gave him money for me to buy some maternity clothes. Several other people have given us baby things, and another gave us some food. Still others have helped with cooking or babysitting, or just giving encouragement. I have been overwhelmed by the generosity and thoughtfulness of these people in our lives. Yet even more, I am overwhelmed by a God who sees everything and never fails to provide for our needs. He is so good!


Randall and Rachel Beita said...

Wow!!! God is great!! Glad to see my sister taken care of. Recive the blessings and remember if you turn them down you are taking the opertunity to be blest from another as well. Love you!

Anonymous said...

I echo what Rachel said..."it is so good to see my sister well taken care of!" It is hard for us to be soo far away when we want to help and so am so thankful for the people that God has put in your life and your tender growing thankful heart!

Love you!