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Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Return of the Daughters DVD - A Review

In a world that is permeated with feminism and sees independence and having a “career” as synonymous with success, The Return of the Daughters offers a refreshing alternative for young women in their single years.

The Return of the Daughters documentary features several young women who, along with their families, have chosen to follow their father’s vision and to focus on ministry and family instead of a “career.” In the DVD, there is good clarification of an important point: the idea is not to suggest returning to days past and becoming old-fashioned, but rather simply returning to the Bible and its standards. Not to say that college is evil, but to consider that there are other options.

God desires for daughters to be protected, and God has given fathers that responsibility until her marriage. Where better can a daughter be protected by her father than in his home? Does this mean that we must settle for being dumb and uninvolved in the community? Certainly not. One father states the fact that his 17 year old daughter has not attended college, yet has more education at her current age than he does, and he has “more degrees than a thermometer.” Another father loans out his daughter to community families whom she serves and encourages while developing useful experience for homemaking on her own someday. She is described as a “valuable asset to the community.” What a beautiful picture of fulfilling our responsibilities as part of the church and body of Christ!

The Return of the Daughters is an inspiration and encouragement to daughters and their families, showing that we need not give up the passion for knowledge or success, but must simply accept a new definition of those words. Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin have done an excellent job on this documentary. For more information or to purchase The Return of the Daughters DVD, go here.

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Anonymous said...

Great post, I loved hearing all about what you thought of this and to see you share it with others! :)

Shannon Marie