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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

That's why

Feels like there's no time to write down all these thoughts in my head.

I have so much to share, to think through.

Every time I sit down, it's like I'm a tackle magnet or something.  The kiddos all fight over who gets to sit in my lap...so then I end up with three or four on top of me.  :-)

I can't type and nurse very well with this baby as I could with all my others.  He is by far my most difficult to nurse.

And then there is the never-ending housework, cooking, and such.

So that's why, if you're wondering...my posting has been a bit less lately.  :-)


Anonymous said...

‎"There's no work more complex, more important, or more exalted than that of caring for children. After all, it's what God Himself has chosen, above all else, to do with his time." - Mike Mason, The Mystery of Children

Holly T. said...

Prayers to get you through this busy, busy time!! Enjoy your little ones. I have #3 due in a few weeks and I'm in awe of how you manage FOUR little ones while still taking care of your family in a healthy and frugal manner.
Take care,

Kelly said...

Hi Sarah,
Just a note of encouragement from a mommy of one (with a second on the way). Life is crazy but I have a feeling your kids are going to be happy, respectful, intellegent people because of all the hard work you and your husband are putting in (and the great Christian examples you seem to be). And one of these days we are going to laugh at all of the mayhem. You have been an encouragement to me just getting organized with menu planning, so I thought I'd throw my two cents in : ) Take care.

Anonymous said...

We know what an amazing woman, wife, daughter and mother you are. This time is so fleeting (as you are so acutely aware) and you'll have plenty of time later for all those wonderful things that you have to so carefully measure out minutes for right now.

We love you,
Aunt Trisha & Uncle Scott

Miss Borboleta said...

How i understand you... :)

Sarah said...

You all are so sweet and so encouraging! Thank you all for your kind words and for realizing and pursuing what is important, along with me. :-)