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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Felt Pizza Play

Here's how to make a felt pizza of your own:

You'll need 1 sheet of felt in each of the following colors: brown (or tan), red, green, white, black.

Use a bowl turned upside down and trace a circle with an ink pen on your brown felt.  This is the pizza crust.

Find a bowl that is just a little bit smaller and do the same with it on the red felt.  This is the sauce.

Next, cut a bunch of thin strips out of the white felt.  This is the cheese.

Cut circles out of the black felt, then fold in half and cut a small half circle on the fold.  You'll end up with a doughnut shape.  These are the olives.

Cut small strips or squares from the green felt piece.  These are green bell peppers.

Then use your imagination and make whatever else you like!  Can you tell we like veggie pizza?  :-)

You can make pepperoni, tomatoes, mushrooms, pineapple, etc.

My girls played with this for hours and days after we made it.  It's makes a good education tool too if you use it for color naming, adding, naming the toppings, etc.  Have fun!

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April Hodson said...

Cute! Really love this. Hey, Sarah, I would love to see a plug-in on your blog so we can "like" or "share" your posts on Facebook! :-)